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Chasing the Sunrise

Blind Mag's story

(Blind) Mag
22 February
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once, there was a tragic bird
At the height of the 21st century, when everything was going right, when the world’s turning finally made sense, tragedy struck. A pandemic called NOS (neuro-overstimulation syndrome) struck killing thousands in manners not seen since the dark ages. There is no hope.

named Chromaggia
Enter: GenCo, a pharmaceutical company able to give life, or at the very least, a chance to extend it. They offer their patients harvested and fresh organs, to replace their failing ones. Slowly however, it’s becoming a part of fashion, name brand hearts, livers, lungs…
All this company needs is a spokesperson, someone to spread the ‘good’ news that is GenCo, and thus they find Magdalene DeFo, young, talented, and blind. Rotti Largo offers the girl something that she could only dream of- sight, and all she has to do is sign.
Her life, her soul for sight.
Of course she signs.

‘Blind’ Mag DeFoe is from Repo! The Genetic Opera and this journal is to be considered pre-canon for the show, covering the years 2011-2050, prompts that affect from ’50 onward can be found at chasing_morning . She is portrayed here by Nichole Linkhether and Sarah Brightman

If you have any questions, or ideas or anything, please feel free to PM me, leave a message at Mag’s contact post, or IM me.